The super secret edit key (also referred to as code, edit key, and password) of a level is the password needed to edit a locked level. When making a locked level, players must enter the code to be able to edit.

Codes, because of their editing rights, are often used as prizes to completing a world. Once the player types the code, his or her's blocks and items (excluding the owner-only blocks) will appear in place of the box used to enter the code and he or she will be able to edit the world.

They are often written with Secret Bricks and  some Backgrounds due to its invisibility.

Hackers often use a program called EE Attacker to get the code; this program uses a simple brute force attack, trying approximately 50 common words. Another program tries all 4-digit codes from 0000-9999.

Code TipsEdit

  • One should not use easily guessable phrases such as "1337","9001", "password","hello","hi","admin", "code", "key", "lol", "1111", "12345", "1231", or "1234".
  • The player should not give out codes to anyone he or she does not trust; as they may troll.
  • The player should not put the code in the world title. Their world may be trolled so quickly and harshly that in minutes they won't recognize it. The player can, however, say it has a code in the title, more safely.