I think it's ripped

This is a remake of coin hun v3. Right: A random picture using pixel art. Left: The Coin Hunt v3 logo. Note that the O is a Yoshi Coin.

Coin hunt v3 was made by stop1it, who did the cursive title, and logon, who did almost all of the levels. On 10/08/2010. The level was popular mainly because of it's easiness at the start, but in the harder levels to the end, people ragequitted. It stayed on overnight but logon's system crashed when he went to check the level, causing the level to disappear. It was remade on 11/08/2010 by logon, xxAgentxx, TheRealDark and koaki.


The levels are minigames, with words at the bottom of every level, indicating the level type and how many times a level of the same type has appeared since.

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