Ragequitting, or rage quitting, is when some one quits a game due to anger. Ragequiting isn't exclusive to Everybody Edits, however, it is common.

Some Causes of Ragequitting (in EE)Edit

A common reason for someone to ragequit is if there is a hard part in the level that they are having trouble with. Another reason would be (not as common) if they are waiting for a boss for a long time. Also, if something is unfair (ex: boss gives random new guy code while you had to work for it) in a level, some people could leave. Another thing would be if one does reach where the code would be, and if the code does not work, some will ragequit. Also, if the player cannot finish the level (if it's blocked), then they will ragequit.

Ways to Prevent RagequitingEdit

The first way to prevent ragequitting is by testing out your level many times (if it is a boss, then have some people test it out with you). If you notice someone who is stuck, make it easier (be fair about it). Also, have someone you trust try the code out before anyone else gets to it. If you are running a boss, make sure the wait time isn't too long.