A ragequitter's favorite button.

Ragequitting is when someone gets so frustrated at a level, they simply leave and find something easier. The only time players would ever think to make players ragequit would be if they want to filter out unskilled, inexperienced, or impatient players. Otherwise, try to avoid making people ragequit. If somebody puts on an angry face (Such as >_< or :( ) chats it, or chats ragequit, it may be a sign that they are about to ragequit, or they are having a bad day in real life.

Why people ragequit Edit

  • A level is too difficult or unfair.
  • A level sent them back all the way to the start after one mistake. (No checkpoints)
  • A boss is difficult unfair or the wait is too long. (Nothing to do when the boss is running)
  • The creator of a level trapped them.
  • The creator promised to put the code at the end but didn't do it.
  • The creator put a fake code at the end of a level rather than the real code.
  • The creator put the real code, a troll got it, and trolled.
  • The creator puts a coin door in the code room entrance and the player didn't collect all the coins.
  • A boss puts too many coins, so it would take many wins to get the code. (Tedious)
  • The level is almost empty, making it ragequit by tricking going into this level.
  • The level's title sometimes tricks players into going to it and being suprised that it isn't what they wanted. (Clickbait)
  • Someone trolls, level gets reset, losing all former progess in the level.
  • The player gets stuck at the enterance.
  • The player gets stuck on a really hard minigame. (With all the others before it being easy)
  • The player has to wait too long to progress.