An example of the images WPG would link in the chat

WPG (wallpaper guy) was a member of the EX Crew and was disguinished by his love for any form of CENSORED stuff. He would often times post links containing images of random CENSORED and CENSORED doing CENSORED in the CENSORED in the chat (don't follow the link) . Although a very talented Everybody Edits player, WPG prefered maps containing imported CENSORED to those with challenging rooms, and his ability to multitask by playing EE while also viewing unimaginable images of CENSORED and CENSORED led him to often use the WASD keys and the spacebar with one hand in order to achieve CENSORED. WPG also volunteered to hold a CENSORED workshop to provide the knowledge necessary to only acquire high quality CENSORED, but he never delivered much to everyone's dismay.

This article was censored to fit the standards of the wiki and has been approved by WPG.

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