The Magic Bricks (Also known as Magic Blocks) are a package consisting of 6 decorative blocks that are obtained by getting rare blue magic coins.

The magic bricks were released in Everybody Edits on 24 February 2015. They're rare to obtain, and considered, by a lot of the community, to be beautiful due to their shiny gemstone-like design.

When you acquire a blue magic coin, you will be greeted with this message: "You found an extra magical coin! Upon touching the coin you found that you got yourself a neat magic brick..."

Magic Package

The Magic bricks package as in the game.


  • You will always get the magic brick package in the order of green, purple, yellow, blue, red, and cyan.
  • The chances of getting them are not known as the algorithm for magic is kept a secret.
  • Designed by the moderator TOOP, these blocks were inspired by the aesthetic qualities of polished gemstones. These colors are inspired by Bandicoot games.
  • The cyan magic brick has been added as the 6th magic brick, after the 5 were added.
  • There is also a seventh, blueish-white brick.