JaWapa in a level

JaWapa was a loser in Everybody Edits on 2 September of 2014.

He was one of the moderators and the only moderator to be punished in Everybody Edits.

He is mentioned since 29th of August 2014.[1]  He is moderator since 10th of September 2014[2] until 1st of Febuary 2016. He is administrator since 6th of Feburary 2015 before he is banned in Febuary 2016.


  • In February 2015 someone opened a level, the name of the level was R E M O V E  JAWAPA. In a few hours 150 players, and maybe even more came into this level.
  • In February 2016 JaWapa was demodded, had all access disabled and was permanently banned for stealing money from the game and making alternative accounts.[3]
  • In April 2016 JaWapa bypassed the ban.