Hacked Godmode

A user hacking God Mode in a level.

Hackers are users who use 3rd party programs to cheat in the game. This primarily includes accessing features of the game that people wouldn't normally have, such as having God Mode without the code or edit rights (see right).

Hacking DevicesEdit

Cheat Engine, WPE Pro, EEHax and EE Trololo are just a handful of examples of hacking devices.

Account/Code Cracking Edit

Some common hacks known "Code Cracking" are usually used to obtain code. Only a few are known, and most of them crack 0000-9999 instead of 0000-9999 and 00000-99999 or custom.

Account cracking is also well known hack where someone can crack one's password/email.But it is not easy,it is very hard

List of Common/Possible HacksEdit

  • God/Mod/Guardian mode without getting the code, edit rights or ownership of a level
  • Obtaining effects that wouldn't normally be obtainable in a world
  • Obtaining and placing items that wouldn't be allowed
  • Obtaining gems without purchasing or otherwise earning them
  • Unlimited woots
  • Obtaining Builders Club membership without purchasing or otherwise earning it
  • Jumping over 6 blocks high without use of gravity or potions (known as "SuperJump")
  • Teleporting without the aid of portals
  • Editing normally on Open Worlds (click-and-drag editing)
  • Code Cracking as mentioned above.

Uncommon, but Possible Hacks Edit

  • Spamming messages too quickly to be humanly typed (Spam filters not used for bots, so they can be used to spam)
  • Using any items in open world (more than the allowed basic, metal, gravity and crown blocks)
  • Using owner-only items in someone else's world
  • Obtaining Owner-only permissions in someone else's world
  • Obtaining Beta without purchasing or otherwise earning it
  • Hacking/Cracking someone's account a.k.a. Account Cracking mentioned above.
  • Kicking players from someone else's world
  • Obtaining custom-sized world (600x600 for example)
  • Trolling without being detected by EE Troll Catcher (even with /gbp)
  • Chat as a different user
  • Obtaining Coins and Blue Coins without actually collecting them.
  • Obtaining a smiley without meeting the requirements to get it
  • Changing a different user's e-mail, password or nickname
  • Placing Text blocks (they are only available to moderators/admins)
  • Chatting as a guest
  • Getting non-guest bricks, smilies, chat, builders club and beta as guest.
  • Obtaining unlimited Builders club (except for moderators/guardians they can have unlimited)
  • Changing Builders Club Number (example: #imhax1nbr0) (except for moderators/guardians they can have custom, NVD and Ultrabass have it)
  • Unlocking screen (building or seeing areas in the world without their character moving or being there)

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