Arrow maze linear

A linear gravity arrow maze from the map CUBE

A Gravity Arrow Maze is a broad category for any puzzle type that requires navigation through gravity arrows where the correct path is not immediately obvious. These challenges often require quick reflexes and trial and error to discover the correct path through the maze, although some variations allow the player to go at a slow pace.

Linear Gravity Arrow MazeEdit

The linear gravity arrow maze is one that utilizes narrow passages with multiple branches, meaning it requires not just quick reflexes to take the right path but also trial and error to discover the correct solution. Smaller spacings between the branches will require a faster response time, and larger versions will contain more incorrect directions to take to hide the real path through the maze. Often times the exit is blocked by gravity arrows facing the opposite direction that can only be crossed by having enough momentum from taking the correct path.

Arrow maze rooms

The sectional gravity arrow maze from Rainbow Roadrage

Sectional Gravity Arrow MazeEdit

A sectional gravity arrow maze is one broken up into different sections usually by splitting the maze into different rooms. Typically the player is launched towards one wall of the room with only a small exit as a target that the player must exactly hit in order to proceed. Often times the placement of the exit changes, and this almost always requires trial and error to discover the proper path to line up with the exits and pass through all of the rooms. This particular puzzle was popularized in room 13 of Rainbow Roadrage and is now found in many later maps with some directional differences.

Arrow maze pattern

A patterned gravity arrow maze from CUBE

Patterned Gravity Arrow MazeEdit

A patterned gravity arrow maze is one based on a block pattern filled in with gravity arrows that requires a careful investigation to navigate and may or may not also need quick reflexes. At first glance these mazes often look like a series of blocks with a random placement of gravity arrows throughout, although there is typically just one correct path. Many times the blocks are arranged in a neat and symmetrical pattern but they do not need to be and can be placed more haphazardly.

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