God SmileyThe God Mode is a feature added on July 19, 2010 in version 0.7.6.

When enabled, causes you to shine light out of yourself and allows you to fly around the map unhindered by blocks, arrows, gravity, and keys. However, the user of God Mode may still interact with coins and music notes.

Basically it is an aura which shines white by default, unless you have bought a different color aura, which can be changed as long as you have god mode or edit.

To enable/disable it, you need to press the button labeled "GOD MODE", or press the hotkey 'g' in a locked world. Enabling god mode is not allowed by anyone in campaign worlds or open worlds unless if they gave you the god mode by typing /godon [username].

Mod Mode/Guardian ModeEdit


The Glowing God Mode being used by moderators

Guardian aurea

The Glowing God Mode being used by guardians

ModMode A special type of god mode that glows red, yellow and green or blue, purple and pink reserved only for Everybody Edits' Moderators and Guardians respectively.

Mod mode enabled and disabled by pressing "P". Due to a client bug, once enabled, the player can only enter god mode after it had enabled Moderator Mode.

On October 31 2011, Moderator Mode has now a rotating glowing effect. Later in February 2015 builders club members received this.

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