FG Crew was created by The first gamer, a Nonoba user. The group has only made one level; FG crew rebellion. The new logo was also made in the level. FG Crew's name could have been inspired from the extremely successful, but fallen EX Crew .

Crew MembersEdit

The first gamer (Leader)

EnvoyApocolipse (Ex-co-leader, unbanned and is now a normal member)

FG crew logo

the FG crew logo

Teo10 (Ex-co-leader, was banned, then unbanned, is still co-leader)

marcos2222 (or marcscientist)


tonybui (tonybui ok is the alt of this member, alts of members know the code anyway)




Rever 492

Danny 7

as new members are sendin in requests, i'm having to apply some new members.

They all say they want to be remembered, yet the only level the crew has made is FG crew rebellion. They may have a logo, but it will take much more for this to be their best days.