Rainbow roadrage

The minimap for Rainbow Roadrage

Rainbow Roadrage is one of the maps created by the EX Crew and was released on August 10, 2010. It is the first map to use the EX Pro name, which is derived from its brutal difficulty and innovative challenges that pushed the players and the game physics to their limits. The few players that managed to beat each of the 16 rooms were rewarded by having their names added to the map in a winners list for all to see. It is regarded as one of the most difficult maps ever created without using cheap level designs, and only around 5 non-EX Crew members finished the entire map.


The first "rainbow room" was created by EX Crew member smiley. The room, which was incredibly difficult, was lined in blocks of all colors. The contrast between the rainbow color and the insane difficulty led EX Crew members to dub all insanely difficult rooms "rainbow rooms". This sparked the idea to make an entire map out of these "rainbow rooms" by connecting them together as a sort of rainbow road, which reminded the EX Crew of the Mario Kart race track of the same name. It was then suggested to replace the word "road" with "roadrage" to present a juxtaposition of the contrasting emotions of joy and anger that the players would feel from the cheery rainbow colors and the intense difficulty.


Rainbow Roadrage has a very basic layout, with 16 connected rooms colored in a distinct rainbow pattern. A coin is present at the beginning of each room so that the player's coin total corresponds with the room number they have reached. Several sprites from Mario Kart were placed above the rooms along with other various drawings depicting love and cuteness, which provided a stark contrast to the frustration and level of difficulty contained in the map. Rooms 10, 14, and 15 were perhaps the most challenging sections according to feedback from the players. Room 13 popularized the use of sectional gravity arrow mazes now seen in other maps.

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