December 4Edit

  • Took a break from EE for a while, I should be back now. I don't know if either of my admins are still around though. Work on fixing those red links, advertising and expanding the pages if you want to help this project.

November 4Edit

  • Wikia got upset that nobody was using their horrible new layout so now they are forcing you to stop using the old one. Sorry for the inconvenience, but yell at Wikia.

October 16Edit

  • Working on things to improve wiki organization like a level info box, stay tuned...

September 30Edit

  • Great DBF is back, work on the wiki, it will resume on October 1st.

September 14Edit

  • Mass site update based off of to-do list on the discussion topic. If you want me to do something, post it there and I'll get to it eventually.

September 12Edit

  • Community Central has been closed. For now on, discuss all things related to the wiki here.

August 31Edit

  • Favicon!

August 26Edit

August 24Edit

August 21Edit

August 19Edit

  • Registered users can now edit the main page.

August 14Edit

  • Thanks to User:15 Master1 for the new logo
  • Will be working on some things for easier navigation soon. Stay tuned

August 12Edit

  • Made the sidebar easier to navigate, entirely changed main page layout. Stop1it is now an admin

August 10Edit

  • Three pages made.

August 1Edit

  • The wiki started.