Crown A crown in Everybody Edits is a simple sprite of a crown that when a player touches, gives the player's smiley will recieve a crown on their head and a slight golden outline (golden outline is taken by GM) that stays there until the player either leaves the world or another player touches the crown. Should the later occur, the person who already has the crown loses it, making it so that there can be only one player at a time in a world that can have the crown. The crown is also known to be a simple reward obtained at the end of a world.

Crowns are also a popular filler among level makers, meaning that some people like to put crowns in empty, unused spaces in a level that are normally unreachable.

Of course, many players like to obtain the crown, so some level makers also put an inescapable "trap" in a level with the crown as bait. Should a player foolish enough attempt to get the crown in this sort of way, the player will be forced to restart the world, without the crown, due to being unable to escape the "trap".

Also, like keys, crowns give a faint glow on the minimap, though for crowns its a yellow-ish brown-ish color, making crowns good for shading, such as shadows, when creating art.

Placement Edit

Anywhere on a level but most likely to be found at the end of a level as a reward. Like said above, crowns can also be found in inescapable "traps" and in art.

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