Confined jumps1 v2

All three Single Confined Jumps are possible

Confined Jumps is a broad category for any jump from one block to another in a small confined space that prevents the player from reaching the maximum height for a typical jump. This makes the jumps much more difficult since the player will begin to fall much sooner after the start of the jump, and often times the jump will only
Confined jumps2

The last Double Spacing Confined Jump with the 4 block gap is only possible with a running start

Confined jumps3

The gaps in the ceilings and the slippery physics makes the Column Confined Jumps tricky

succeed if the player leaps from the very edge of the starting block after building sufficient momentum.

Single Confined JumpsEdit

These are jumps from a single block to another single block with a low ceiling before the landing spot that hinders the jump. This forces the player to build enough momentum and jump from the edge of the starting block in order to make it, but the player must then be careful not to slide off after successfully landing on the other block due to the slippery physics in the game. This variation is mostly found in combination with other puzzle types and rarely are there more than one of these jumps in a row.

Double Spacing Confined JumpsEdit

These are jumps where there is a two block spacing between the floor and ceiling, which greatly decreases the distance a player can jump even with momentum. Typically many of these jumps are used in a row, especially in minigame maps, and a good strategy is to run and jump to make the ones with larger gaps. A variation of this jump would be a triple spacing confined jump, which as the name implies has a three block spacing between the floor and ceiling instead of two.

Column Confined JumpsEdit

These are jumps with an alternating low and high ceiling with the low ceiling above the block the player rests on and the high ceiling above the gap the player must jump across, creating a sort of column pattern. This introduces a new challenge since jumping early from the block will cause the player to hit the low ceiling and not attain much height, while jumping later from the block will cause the player to rise far into the high ceiling and fall straight down. The spacing between the block and ceiling is often varied, as is the height difference between neighboring blocks. This variation is often found in minigame maps.

One-block Spacing Confined JumpsEdit

These jumps are restricted to one block of space both horizontally and vertically. Although it seems very hard as one would have to do a last minute jump, one could just hold left/right then space, which should be able to get the player through a series of one-block spacing confined jumps most of the time.

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