The Brick Stretch is a very common puzzle in Everybody Edits.


About Edit

The Brick Stretch involves a square full of gravity pushing you towards the other wall, with a few blocks that require you to press spacebar and stretch over to the other block, and repeating the stretch until the end. Occasionally, they are made with key blocks for added difficulty. It can, however, be created without arrows.

Placement Edit

The Brick Stretch is very common in minigames and platformers, there is usually at least one in each. It is rarely seen in bosses due to how long it takes to set up. It is rare to see in stairs or artistic levels.

Tips to beat Edit

It is recommended you use the arrow keys, as the WASD controls make it tough (though still possible). While it may seem hard at first, it gets very easy with practice. Just keep in mind- one mistake usually sends you back to the beginning of the puzzle.

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